Lodge Officers

Millburn Lodge has seven elected and seven appointed officers. All officers serve a one year term. Elections are held at the Lodge Annual Meeting on the Third Thursday of October.

Worshipful Master (elected): Carlos Gomez

Senior Warden (elected): Neil Samaniego

Junior Warden (elected): Jay Tresenriter

Treasurer (elected) (for life): Robert Schenck (Bob)

Secretary (elected) (for life): Rob Schenck (Rob), PM

Senior Deacon (elected): Greg Rosenquist Junior

Deacon (elected): Nick Kalfas

Senior Steward (appointed): Ismael Rosa

Junior Steward (appointed): Roland Gozun

Chaplain (appointed): Lorenzo Gomez

Tyler (appointed): George Papandreou

Marshall (appointed): Josh Marion

Orater (appointed): Kinji Fujita

Organist (appointed): Richard Capa


*Photos coming soon.